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How to Change Team Names, Profiles, and Images in the Microsoft Team

How to Change Team Names, Profiles, and Images in the Microsoft Team

Every time you become part of a team and also a channel, your name will be seen when using messaging applications such as Slack, Microsoft Team, Google Meet, and others. So using a profile picture with your name will make you look professional and easily recognizable. By default, the Microsoft Team uses the initials of your name on a solid color background as your profile picture. Even though you can’t change the color icon, you can add a new photo. In this post, you will learn not only how to change your profile picture but also how to change your name, team name and photo on the Microsoft Team.


If you are part of many organizations on the Microsoft Team, you must add photos and new names for each organization separately. This is useful if people feel comfortable at different levels in different organizations. You can save decent professional photos in one and laugh at the monkeys in the other.

Then, if your video is turned off in the Microsoft Team, other people will see your profile picture. So why not save something good?

Here’s your guide to changing names, profile pictures, team names, and team pictures in Microsoft Teams.

How to Change Your Name and Profile Picture on the Microsoft Team

The process is a little different for mobile applications. But first, let’s check the steps to change your photo and name in Team on the desktop.
Change Profile Name and Photo on Desktop and Web

Step 1

Launch the Team application or web service and log in with your account. Now, click the profile picture icon above. Then, select Edit profile from the menu.

Step 2

A pop-up window will open. Click Upload image to add your photo.

At any time, if you want to delete your photo, click Delete picture. Add your name under the ‘Enter name’ box.


Change the Name and Profile Picture in the Cellular Application

To change your photo in the Microsoft Teams application for Android and iOS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Teams application home screen.

Step 2: Tap the three-bar icon in the upper left corner. Then, tap your name at the top.


Step 3: On Android and iOS, tap the Edit Image option that appears near the profile photo area. If you want to change your display name, click the edit icon (pencil) at the top.


On iOS, tap on Edit and you will be shown the option to change the picture and name. Select the appropriate option from the menu.


How to Change Team Names and Images in Microsoft Teams

Change Team Names on Desktop and Web

In the Team application, click the Team tab from the left sidebar. Click the three dot icon next to your team name. Select Edit team.


Add a new team name in the pop-up window that opens. Click Finish to save changes.


Change Team Photos on Desktop and the Web

Step 1

In the Team application, click the Team option in the left sidebar. Click the three dot icon next to the team name. Select Manage teams from the menu that was launched.


Step 2

After that, click on the Settings tab in the new panel. Then, click the Team picture to expand it.


Step 3

Press the Change image button.


A faster way to change your team’s image is to click on the image icon at the top after you have done step 1 above.


If you get the error “We are still setting up your team, you can change your picture when we are done” when you try to change your picture, try changing the team picture from a different device. You can use the Team mobile app too (as shown below). Also, try exiting the Team application on the desktop to fix it. If that doesn’t fix it, uninstall the Team application and reinstall it.


Change Team Photo and Name in the Cellular Application

Here’s how to install images and new team names from Android and iOS on the Microsoft Team.

Step 1

Launch the Microsoft Team application. Tap Team at the bottom.


Step 2

Tap the three dot icon next to the team name. Select Edit team.


Step 3

Tap on the picture Change team to add a new photo. Type a new name under the name Team. Tap the checkmark icon at the top to save changes.


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