8 Free Fishing Games Apps For Kids (Android & iOS)

8 Free Fishing Games Apps For Kids (Android & iOS)

Boys always fight for what their parents do. For this reason, many children want to become fisheries experts, seeing how their father goes to the river every weekend to pick up some typical fishing rods and suitcases with all kinds of equipment, bait and hooks. But sometimes parents cannot take the child on a fishing trip. Then mobile gadgets come to help, and with them – entertaining games about fishing … Let’s look at the most interesting children’s games about fishing.

1. Kids Fishing for babies


If you are looking for a good game development for your child, then you have found it. The graphics and colors are designed taking into account the child’s age characteristics. Also, depending on age, the game has several game modes. Thanks to this application, your baby can develop qualities such as attention, perseverance, concentration. Besides all this, this game is good entertainment for the whole family.

The rule is the easiest – to catch fish, which is pictured in the upper circle.

Game Features

  • The level of difficulty depends on the age category.
  • Colorful fish, numbering more than 50 pieces.
  • Sound quality and speed are good.
  • Try your hand at smart and entertaining games, learn the world with your child.


2. Trunky Fish Game


Everyone might see or even try the children’s game “Fishing”. Children like to catch plastic fish from small ponds. With the efforts of the developer Upsidedowngames, this game has gained a new life on the mobile platform …

The aim of the game “Fishing with Trunky” is to catch all fish from the pond. The fish is caught only when its mouth is open, otherwise it can be frightened. This game is positioned by developers for children from 2 to 8 years, however, it can be easily enticing and adults. In particular it is necessary to note the training mode, where you need to fish with the letters or numbers you want – this will help the youngest children learn letters and numbers.

Brief characteristics of the game:

  • 5 game modes (classic, catching fish with letters, catching fish with numbers, finding the desired color and Jumbo.
  • 1 or 2 game modes.
  • Very simple controls, accessible to even the smallest children.
  • Colorful and fun animations.
  • Teaching moment.
  • The ability to complicate the game.
  • Bonuses in the form of gold and silver.


3. Happy Fishing


This is a development application for children for Android, which allows children in a fun form to learn the names of the inhabitants of the underwater world, as well as improve movement coordination. Together with the little panda Kiki, you go fishing to catch as many fish and other marine organisms as possible. You have to be careful and avoid whales and sharks, otherwise your fragile boat can overturn.


4. Fishing for kids


The child is actively studying the world from an early age, because it is first in contact with what is happening around him. Educational applications are excellent tools for teaching children and occupy an important place in the education of the younger generation.

We offer interesting children’s games from YOVO Games “Fishing for kids”, which will become a favorite activity for children. It’s very easy to play, you need to catch as many fishes as possible and collect so many points that allow you to move to the next level.

But caution is needed so as not to get caught on a dangerous hook or predator, this reduces the points earned. The game trains memory, improves concentration, and fine motor skills. A sharp fishing cat will entertain children during fishing.

Colorful illustrations, bright pictures, pleasant music will provide fun for all fishing lovers. Uncomplicated learning games delight children with results and achievements, which help to acquire skills. It’s important to spend time with children with benefits for their development.


5. Happy Fish


Happy Fish – an interesting game where not only children but adults will breed fish and care for them.

The plot and gameplay

This project features several acquisition features, but many more remain arcade. In the process of passing the user must buy fish, feed them, and also perform various tasks to get more money. The main objective of this game is to collect the most expensive and most expensive creatures. In addition, in the arcade, there is a shared mode, allowing you to visit other mini game aquarium users. In total, this campaign has around eight dozen levels, but their number continues to increase due to renewal.

Graphics and sound

This project was executed in a colorful drawing style. The picture is not realistic, but more cartoon. The creatures are somewhat like Pokemon, and what happens on the screen looks very funny and cute. This menu is convenient and intuitive. Luckily, there isn’t much text here. The music is fun and well chosen. Sound effects also come out funny.

Happy Fish won’t be fun with entertaining gameplay, but it will allow you to relax, watching how fish roll in a virtual aquarium. This arcade can be fun, amazing design and lots of content.


6. Wow Fish


Bored with the same mobile game? Do you want to try something new and not standard? If the answer is yes, then now you have this opportunity! In front of us, a casual fishing simulator, seasoned with extraordinary environmental designs and colorful hand drawings. Minimal realism is maximum pleasure. What can be better? So, collect fishing rods and take a grandiose trip to the place of the most fish on the planet.

Despite the fact that Wow Fish is stated solely as a fishing simulator, the game is not done without other elements that are completely out of the ordinary in this genre. For example – riddle. To catch the right fish, you have to shoot it on the internet. Sounds easy, right? Only with words. Each mesh has its own size, and that means it won’t work. Also, don’t forget about the financial side of the matter. You can get the net just by paying for it at the store, which means that just one unsuccessful shot (or the wrong size choice) is enough for your blood to fly into the pipe.

Technically, the game offers colorful three-dimensional graphics and many colorful visual effects. Whatever people say, but even if it’s simple, the picture looks really good and can even be said to be stylish. For such a project, this is more than enough.

Wow Fish is a fishing simulator that is quite interesting and not very standard, diluted with puzzle and arcade elements. Large amounts of fish, equipment, bonuses – just a short list of what is waiting for you inside. For all admirers of a good casual simulator – worth a try!


7. Fishing Diary


Fishing Diary – an interesting arcade game for Android, developed by the DroidHen studio. An entertaining casual application where we will be involved in fishing. But not with a simple fishing line as in this type of simulator, but with the help of cannons shooting natural fishing nets. Our main task and main goal is to catch as many fish as possible. Using regular spinning, this will take a lot of time because, we have, there are several types of weapons that release bullets into the fishing line. Each of them differs in the strength and speed of the shot, and also the aim of the net. After all, each fish needs its own fishnet with the required cell size.

There are many species of fish. Starting from simple fried foods and ending with jellyfish, rays and even sharks. If you can manage small and medium-sized fish with the help of nets, then you cannot take large inhabitants in the depths of the sea. For our help, we have three additional tools for fishing. The first two are bombs and electric shock. The bomb blast shocked all prey within the action radius, and the release paralyzed it. But the third tool is bread. Yes, simple bread. You throw it into the water, while a large number of fish gather around it and sprinkle the net.

In the game “Fishing Diary” there are even mermaids, they rarely swim and if they are lasso, they will bring lots of gold. It is recommended to spend bombs and accusations because both and the second are very rare. And you can redeem ammo for very long playing time or for real money.

For each fish you are given a gold coin. But it is necessary to know that every shot from the cannon is accompanied by their waste. Because your income must cover expenses. After collecting enough gold coins, invest in weapon modernization. From time to time, a laser cannon appears in the game, from which you can only shoot once, so don’t waste it, this time is very successful and profitable.

As for graphic design, it is done at the highest level. The picture is no worse than in cartoons about Ariel. Beautiful graphics, good soundtracks and addictive gameplay provide more than an hour of comfortable playing. One-touch control. There are no age restrictions, the game will be interesting for children and adults.


8. Fishing Break


People from the company “Roofdog Games” have released a new arcade where you will be able to fish. Anyone can download Fishing Break on Android and iOS. There are times when players can go fishing. Take a boat with you, spin around and go fishing. Interest consists of the fact that there are completely different locations. Each location provides an opportunity to catch various types of fish. Catch rare fish, update your own equipment, and try to build a really cool collection.

Game Features

The game has several features, which make it different from other projects and attract the attention of millions of Play Market and AppStore users. Try to catch as many fish as possible, increase your place in the ranking table and compete not only with friends but also with all the inhabitants of our vast world. You can reach extraordinary heights, where you will receive a number of prizes. There are 22 different places to fish. All of them are located in different worlds, of which there are about 8 pieces.

Among the fish, you can find hundreds of species. I want to draw your attention to the fact that among them there are sharks. In the game, you can spend a lot of free time. Rest during fishing, catch good fish, and prove to everyone that you are a true fisherman.G

This game turned out to be useful, the developers have done a very good job, added some well-known fish species, and will also be able to introduce us to other species that until now were completely unknown to us. Yes, there is something like that. They are very beautiful and even delicious. Who would think, right? If you are ready to immerse yourself in this extraordinary world, then we recommend that you download Fishing Break on your device now.


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