8 Dancing Apps With Your Pictures For Android & iOS

8 Dancing Apps With Your Pictures For Android & iOS

Are you bored? Do you like to dance We have prepared several entertainment applications for you that will help you have fun. They dance application with your picture that will surely make you smile. With the help of this application, you will become a true dance king!

You can also make a parody of famous dancers by adjusting your head to various silhouettes. The list below includes applications that are suitable for iPhone and Android devices.

1. Crazy motion: Share funny dance videos


Will you be the dance king? Create your own dance videos with Crazy Motions. This application was made to make funny short dance films with your face. Easy to use and beautifully designed.

You will be able to make your dance videos with just a few clicks. To make a video, you must follow these steps: select a sample video, select a picture of your face from your photo gallery and do the installation. Use photos of your friends, colleagues or relatives to make funny videos of them dancing.

Ballet, French Cancan, disco … all genres available in this application!

You can also share videos ready with everyone via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

2. Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance


Crazy Flamenco Dance is a free dance application with your pictures available for iPhone users and for Android. With this creative tool, you will become an authentic Spanish dancer. Add your photo, place it in one of the silhouettes, and feel as if you were at the Flamenco Festival.

In the free version, there is only one costume available. You can get access to various characters, costumes and other additional features in the application store.

You can share your dance with friends through social networks or play tricks and turn it into a Flamenco dancer too!

3. ElfYourself by Office Depot


You can join the New Year tradition and turn yourself into a fairy. With the ElfYurself app, you can become your own video star. Your photos will be placed on the faces of elves dancing in festive costumes.

You can upload up to five photos of you or your friends and relatives from your mobile library or from Facebook. Then, you have to choose the dance you like and the application will create a unique video that you can send to anyone via email or publish on Facebook.

4. Elf Dance – Fun for Yourself


Elf Dance is a nice dancing application with your pictures that will add fun to the Christmas holidays. With the help of the application, you can join your friends and relatives in funny elf dances. You will really enjoy creating unusual new dances and will definitely make your loved ones smile.

You can enter up to five elves on your team. Select photos of each and make everyone dance together. You can also choose songs from the list offered in the application. After that, save the video and share it through social networks or post it on YouTube.

With the help of this amazing tool, you can wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

5. Funny Dance


Funny Dance is a creative tool that will help you become a great dancer. To make a dance video you must take the same steps as in the previous application: upload a photo, add it to the selected character and the video is ready.

You can use your face or the faces of your friends and relatives. Choose a cute Vietnamese hat for you and them. You can dance in pairs or groups.

After saving the dance, you can share it through social networks to make your friends have fun.

6. Dance-ish Me


Dance-ish Me belongs to one type of dancing application with your pictures. In this application, there is only one dancer – Kenichi Ebina who is famous throughout the world. Add your face to his body and dance as if you are a professional.

You can add photos from your mobile library or from Facebook.

You can share your dance with friends through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, via Email, or post it on YouTube.

7. Animate Me – Dance Video Maker


Animate Me is a great way to make your friends and relatives dance in a funny way. You can choose costumes, types of dance, songs, and backgrounds. There are several different dancers and heroes to choose from. Take a photo of someone you want to dance to and add it to the selected body.

After everything is finished, you can share ready-made videos with others through social networks or directly via SMS.

8. Animate Yourself 3D – Dance Video Maker


Animate Yourself 3D is a unique application available on iPhone devices. Already have many users because this is really new and close to reality. It has its own specific features that other dance applications do not have with your face.

You can choose your character, costume, background, dance genre, and even skin color. Also, it is possible to add text bubbles to characters to make them speak. Have fun adding crazy words to your dancing friends.

List of great characters – including Santa Claus, Police, Firefighters, Doctors, Superheroes, Teachers, pimps, Africans, and many others.

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