8 Best Free Apps Allow To Try Different Haircuts For Android & iOS

8 Best Free Apps Allow To Try Different Haircuts For Android & iOS

Sometimes we are afraid of change. It makes our life so boring and full of routine. Our article will help you get out of Boredom. What is the most striking thing in our appearance? Of course, that is your haircut. Change your hair style, you change your life path! You can do this without leaving home. All you need is a smartphone and a little imagination.

The list of the top applications for Android and iOS given below will help choose the hair style that really suits you

1. Hair styles and Haircuts


This application has many haircuts for every person in the world. This will teach you how to make your own hairstyle with lots of video lessons! Watch and learn. Bobby Glam is a videoblogger that records video tutorials especially for you in this application. Large catalog of haircuts always updated. Braids, ponytails, topknots and other fantastic haircuts await you.

When you have chosen your favorite hair style, save it. This is very useful in hairdressing salons. Just show your favorites to your hairdresser and wait for a miracle.

This application is a great assistant for finding new haircuts. You will definitely find something that suits you. Hairstyles and Haircuts are downloaded by more than 500 thousand people worldwide!


2. Cute Girls Hairstyles


Styling your hair professionally without leaving home can feel like an impossible idea. Get ready for your cellphone and install Beautiful Girl Hairstyles. All the best hair transformations are in one application. Full of video tutorials. You can learn how to make pigtails, waterfall braids, wavy hair, and many hairstyles. Besides that, I will know how to do Big Ballerina Bun! Don’t forget to upload your favorite page and you will always see it in your gallery.

This application is an excellent helper for busy mothers. You can change your daughter’s hairstyle every day because this application has many styles for girls and teens. You and your daughter will be beautiful forever!

This new application will teach you to make beautiful hairstyles for your friends. With Cute Girls Hairstyles instructions, you will become a haircut expert!


3. Hairstyle Magic Mirror


Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a haircut dest. Hairstyle Magic Mirror is a great online hairstyle modifier for creative people. The interface is very simple so you will be oriented without problems. Just specify what hair you want to try, press the button and finish.

Choose the color options that are ready to use or make your own. The color comb is endless. Drag curls to make your haircut realistic. You will be inspired by new ideas for hairstyles. This application allows you to highlight, shade and color your hair without leaving home. If you buy the full version, you will get more options for making hair styles.

Take your own photo and change your hair style. Then you can save the results to your smartphone and share them with friends.


4. Hair Color


Do you want instant online results from changing your haircut? Try new hair colors online and use more than 10+ magazine covers and shades and unique filters to create beautiful photos with Hair Color. Compare photos before / after to make sure that it suits you or not. It has a large catalog of hair colors.

Look at the virtual mirror and make conclusions about the color of your fresh hair. With Hair Color you will not be afraid of bad haircuts in the salon. Just make your own hairstyle and boldly go to a hairdresser. If you are having a sleepless night, press the magic touch. You will be amazed by the results!

More than 10,000,000 install this application. When you’re done, just share the photo with your friends and family.


5. Style My Hair


Are you looking for the ideal hairstyle to wear with certain clothes on special occasions? My hair style is all you need. It was developed by L’Oréal Professionnel. Don’t search the internet for a new look. All trending hairstyles are in one application. My Hair Style has a countless catalog of haircuts. Backcombing, bob, hair wave, and many professional hairstyles are waiting for you here. All hairstyles were chosen by L’Oréal’s professional hairdressers. You can find one of your dreams!
My Hair Style has 3D hair color technology. Your dream haircut will come true. You can do any movement with your hair. This application helps you prepare a salon. Just save your hair style and show your hair stylist.

One of the most useful options is the L’Oréal salon search. Enter your location and the application will show you the nearest L’Oréal salon. My Hair Style lets you have hairspiration every day. Discover your favorite look!


6. Change Hairstyle


Do you like to experiment? Change Hair Style will suit you! People all over the world have tried it! The new look will immediately make you feel lighter and more relaxed, but first, try online. There is no picture, all haircuts are natural hair. If you like the results, save by tapping the icon in the lower left.
Change Hairstyles has many different hairstyles. With this application, every beauty session will be fun. Long, medium or short? You can try everything!

Send your new hairstyle to friends through social media. They will be amazed!


7. Fabby Look


Why is a haircut so important? It shapes our faces and creates our appearance. Fabby Look is your fabulous hair color modifier. It is online and free. It has silver, green, gold, platinum hair color and 6 others. Are you interested in change? Download this application.

Simple design will not bother you using Fabby Look. It has a video filter, which lets you choose a hairstyle in real time before taking a photo. Fabby Look can be distinguished by line and surface detection. Your photos will be adorable!

Fabby Look allows you to save on your new haircut. Show on social media to surprise your friends.


8. Mary Kay Virtual Makeover


While known mostly for its skin care, Mary Kay’s company created a virtual hairdresser. Mary Kay is a large company that sells cosmetics. Then this application is right for you! Create a personal hairstyle with an endless comb of choices. Do you want to have blonde or brown hair? Try everything. Mary Kay Virtual Makeover lets you upload your hair style directly to your mobile.

Funny playing with all different looks. This is not just an online hairdresser. This application can help you with makeup.

Change your hair style for free with Mary Kay!


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