8 Best Biathlon Game Apps for Android & iOS

8 Best Biathlon Game Apps for Android & iOS

Biathlon is an Olympic winter sport, which combines competitive, free cross country skiing techniques and small shotgun expertise. Biathlon is one of the most popular winter sports in Europe.

If you are really a fan of such sports but don’t go in for biathlon as a professional for some reason, so you can try biathlon using only your cellphone! Biathlon game applications are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

The Biathlon game application is an online sports biathlon game where you can live the life of a biathlon. So, we have collected the best for you! Please look!

1. Biathlon Mania


Biathlon Manie has exceeded all possible limits because more than 3 million people have joined this game! Isn’t it fun to ski at high speed, beat your competition and win more difficult races? This game allows you to feel the real adrenaline of this sport right on the screen of your gadget.

Biathlon Mania is an action sports game with RPG elements and the most successful and most played biathlon game of all time. First, you can choose your character – biathlete – and train it, improve their skills, control it. Obviously, the more you invest in your character, the higher the chance of winning another race.

In this game, you will compete with other players around the world. Thus, you all work to improve your skills and only the race will show who is better. This is a very fun game to play with your friends. It’s also possible to become a member of a special club.

This game is made with the use of the best RPG elements. Get sponsors, fix your equipment, and build facilities like fitness centers, shooting range, and more.

2. Biathlon X5


If you are a real fan of Biathlon this app is for you! Biathlon X5 is one of the most realistic biathlon applications available for Android and iPhone users. This allows you to be very close to the real biathlon experience. You will be able to try Aiming, Skiing, Feel the Wind, anytime anywhere.

Aiming, pistol movements, sight adjustments, and wind are modeled from real equipment and the environment based on years of experience in biathlon. Do you want to experience aiming, triggering, wind effects, landscape adjustments, and skiing fatigue at biathlon shooting distances? Then of course try this application!

You won’t find a biathlon game app that’s closer to biathlon!

Here are two play modes: Play now and Play Directly.

Using Playback mode now you can play biathlon at any time.

Using Play Live mode, you can participate in online competitions. Playback Mode Now also includes the calibration of vision to the existing wind. You must choose your opponent and follow your results during the competition.

To get high on the results list you need to be good at biathlon. With training, you can improve your results. Do it!

3. Biathlon x1


Biathlon X1 is the next free biathlon game application on our list. This is only available for Android devices.

Biathlon X1 is an easy biathlon application that challenges you on concentration, goals, and speed. You can test your skills in a variety of weather conditions in summer and winter.

Playing Biathlon X1 you get coins. How do you spend it? You can spend your money on better weapons for example. The following are special weapon sets (besides the traditional Biathlon Rifle).

When you have enough coins to buy weapons then just open the weapon option from the lower left corner (This is seen at the shooting place. You usually see a shotgun there … so press it and it will open the weapons available to you). You can then activate the weapon based on the number of coins you have.

Complete levels, achieve grades, and become a Master!

4. Biathlon Manager 2017


Biathlon Manager 2017 is a new biathlon game application for real biathlon lovers! This allows you to guide the biathlete on the road to the World Cup and Winter Olympics.

You will manage many aspects of tactical and strategic sports such as recruiting supporting biathlon team members, choosing the right equipment, training, and participating in tournaments! You must take care of finances by signing a sponsorship contract and working during other activities. Finally, you can meet the legendary biathlet that can help your own biathlete to improve faster!

However, you only have 15 years of your career to win an Olympic winter game! Will you accept the challenge?

It’s easy to play, but you have to understand the intricacies of the game. Although here you will find a guide for every detail of Biathlon Manager 2017.

The following are various additional activities (for example, you can send a biathlete to sell beer at the bar to get extra money, or visit a ski resort to relax before the tournament). There are many more that you can unlock when playing Biathlon Manager 2017.

Support staff and team members (skiers, shooting trainers, and physiotherapists) are also available when playing Biathlon Manager 2017.

More than 20 tournaments around the world with a unique combination of racing from a 9 km sprint with 2 shooting rounds to 36km which is very difficult with 8 shooting rounds. Do you want to try?

Prove your management skills in the most exciting winter sports game and get the best in the Hall of Fame! Who knows, maybe you are the next Ole Einar Bjørndalen!

5. Biathlon Free. Board Game


Biathlon Free is in our roll because this is one of the most interesting free biathlon game applications.

This is the biathlon: the track, the firing line, the penalty for mistakes, and of course the winter scenery.
To choose an athlete for yourself, decide whether you play against a friend or against artificial intelligence. Choose one of the available tracks and start racing. You will have access to personal ratings on GameCenter.

You will have access to personal ratings on GameCenter.

It is possible to observe the competition of virtual athletes here.

In Biathlon Free there are 6 players and 6 tracks of different lengths.

The free version is limited by advertisements and restrictions:

  • 2 players;
  • 2 songs.

This application is designed for iPhone and iPad. Enjoy the game!

6. Biathlon Winter


Feel like a real biathlete with Biathlon Winter! Players will enjoy:

  • Track tracks. You will learn how to calculate your strength and speed. Try to get through all the turns of the track and fight fatigue.
  • shooting. You have to make allowances for the wind, hold your breath, overcome the fatigue in the hands.
  • Be prepared for unexpected situations such as damage to the stick and more.
  • Summing up the tracks that passed in the ranking of players.

Here are the penalties for errors.

7. Biathlon Shooting App


If shooting is the main part of your interest in biathlon, then this is your perfect game. Here you don’t need to compete or compete with someone – all you need is to shoot on target. This is a simple application for those who want to photograph for analysis and improve their results in this field.

You can even make your own photo shoot. This application will provide a detailed analysis of all your results. Here you can also see the results of other players. When you have practitioners, you can start by recording the results of the competition, test, entry, or training.

8. Athletics 2


If you are looking for something broader than just one biathlon game here is an application for you that covers all types of winter sports. This gives you the chance to feel like you are at an Olympic game and you should try your skills in all types of winter sports (including biathlon, of course).

Here you have 38 individual races and 8 competitions. Enhanced graphics will increase your feeling for the game’s atmosphere. You can basically choose participants from any country. In addition, here you can play with your friends using the dual screen function – and play in real-time mode!

That is the list of the best biathlon game applications for iPhone & Android. With their help, you can improve your playing skills, wherever you are. Hope you like it!

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