7 Free Beauty Salon Games For Android & iOS

7 Free Beauty Salon Games For Android & iOS

Have you ever imagined being a beauty salon owner? I’m sure everyone has it. But now you have the incredible opportunity to start a business from scratch without investing.

To be sure, this will be a virtual salon, but that doesn’t mean it will be too easy. Such games usually require multi-task skills and the ability to build business development strategies.

Here you can find a list of the best beauty salon games for iOS and Android. Check whether you will be a good administrator: recruit staff, decorate the room and attract new visitors. Download the application for free via clicking the link.

1. Sally’s Salon: Kiss & Make-Up


This application is packed with various attractive options and features. First of all, there are 60 levels, which you can complete. When you do, you open a helper lock that will help you during the workday.

But this game isn’t just about making haircuts. It also has a plot to go through. Actually, you live the life of Sally – a girl, who is crazy about adventures.

This exciting game is available for iPhone and iPad, as well as for all Android users.

2. Girls Hair Salon


If you are looking for a game that will be a good free time choice for your child or sister, try this application. It’s 100% child friendly.

Girls Hair Salon does not have irritating irritations, shows up suddenly and has parental control options.

The application itself is a typical salon running game. Still, it’s a little easier, because you act as a barber and designer. You don’t have to do any administrative work. The reason for this is that this game was ultimately made for children.

Download it for free on Google Play or the App Store.

3. Back-to-School Make-Up


Do you like being 17 years old again and getting ready for a school event? Now possible. The main objective of this game is to find the best haircut and makeup.

You can try as many options as you want until you get them. When the makeup is finished, you can challenge your design talents. Choose the best shoes and clothes to be the most attractive girl at a school party.

All the contents of this application are free, but you must install the add. This is a way to keep this game free. There are also in-game options that can be purchased using real money, but there are additions.

Their absence does not affect the playing experience and does not impose limits on the game itself.

Back-to-School Make-Up also has a parent control option, but you must activate it.

4. Top Beauty Salon


This is a typical salon running game. If you want to know for sure whether you will be a good businessman or not, this is an opportunity to find out.

You need to recruit staff and follow trends. Sounds easy, but it really isn’t. The key success factor in this game is your speed. If you manage to clean the floor after the haircut is made and start redecorating the salon room at once, you have the chance to become a cool businessman.

Another key factor is feedback from your visitors. You have to do everything to stay positive. To do this, never make visitors wait for you.

The game is only available on Google Play.

5. Animal Hair Salon


Are you interested in working with pets? Then this application can send you to Australia, allowing you to make all species of beautiful animals.

Change hair style and makeup. Here you can check your design skills.

The more clients you make happy, the more gifts you get. There is a special surprise box, which unlocks rare animals. Can you collect everything?

This game is 100% child-friendly, so don’t hesitate to give it to your children or siblings. This application is free, but only with additions. If you want to delete it forever, you have to buy it.

This interesting educational game is only available for Android users.

6. Toca Hair Salon 2


If you like experiments with haircuts, you will like this application. This game is packed with tools to do all types of haircuts from the basic to the most complicated and trendy.

At Toca Salon you can work with a fixed number of characters, but the number of your clients is still unlimited. What’s more, you can choose the clients that most interest you and work with them more than with others.

This application is intended to help children learn how to work a hair salon. It has other educational functions too. Unfortunately, there are no parental control options.

This application can be downloaded from Google Play.

7. Shave Salon Spa Games


Also need to visit a beauty salon. In this game you have the opportunity to make lazy looks handsome and stylish. Shave Salon Spa can help them be trendy and charming. Just shave your beard (or cut it) and make a fashionable haircut.

However, that doesn’t mean that only you can be your client. Shave Spa Salon has a large number of services: making haircuts, waxing legs, and eyebrow threading. The range of your clients will be very large.

The game is packed with various levels and game modes, which makes it very interesting. The number of clients is not fixed, so please work according to your own schedule.

This game is made especially for teens, because it is rated 12+. We would not recommend a game for young children due to some detailed content and the absence of parental controls.

The Shave Salon Spa game is free with additions, which don’t appear too often and are therefore not annoying. You can download the application now from the App Store.

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