21 Best Augmented Reality Games For Android & iOS 2020

21 Best Augmented Reality Games For Android & iOS 2020

Augmented Reality is a great opportunity to transfer the game to the real world or feel yourself in the game. A few years ago glasses and VR games for them made a real sensation in the world of computers and mobile games because people really liked the process.

One of the first games for smartphones is Pokemon Go, which may have been played by you or your friends. You integrate characters and game locations into the real world using augmented reality technology.

If you think that most games can only be used with special equipment, then you are wrong. Your smartphone with a camera can perfectly solve the task, showing on the screen the actions of the heroes.

Game designers and developers can create creatures around us from other worlds and realities, transferring them to our world. We decided to find 21 of the Best Augmented Reality Games for Android 2020.

1. World of Monsters


Have you ever been interested in monsters? If you like horror, fantasy and other genres related to something unusual, then the game World of Monsters is according to your taste.

Here you will save your city from monsters by collecting entire collections or different representative forces. You must defeat the creatures that appear in your city – and maybe even at home or at your workplace.

To become a professional in the game, you must fight with other players in the arena. World of Monsters offers you to gather as many powerful creatures as possible to become stronger and defeat your opponents.

You will be able to find monsters only with the help of augmented reality. In the game, you will see that the ordinary streets of your city are completely different, and they are filled with strange creatures. For people who are too lazy to leave home, there are special modes, where you don’t need to move yourself.

2. Big Bang AR


The creation of the universe is one of the main problems of humanity. People who see the world from a scientific perspective are actually interested in the universe and its structure.

You might be interested to see it in the palm of your hand, without moving in space or becoming a true scientist in any organization. The Big Bang AR application invites you to witness the birth and development of the universe through augmented reality technology.

In this application, you will learn how stars and planets form and can even see more closely the evolution of our planet. You can play a little by blowing up stars and making new ones, thus witnessing the evolutionary changes that follow.

You can also move to the city where you are and see how it is progressing – still in the palm of your hand. It should be noted that due to high quality graphics and power consumption, Big Bang AR will quickly consume all the power of your smartphone.

3. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs


You’ve all heard about the legendary Angry Birds game, right? Now you can surround yourself with legendary characters and play Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs with them in a fun game.

You will team up with famous birds and fight against greedy green pigs. All heroes will come back to life before your eyes, appearing in your usual interior. Surrounding the real world will be equipped with unusual details.

In the story of Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs You have to save stolen eggs, and sneak into the wild forest. There are more than 70 different levels in total, and they are becoming increasingly complicated.

You can also browse the elements and structure of the game to see which parts are the most fragile and fragile. This way you can get more points and choose the best position for your shots. Adjust the size of the game and the parts according to the area around you.

4. Reality Clash: AR Combat Game


Reality Clash is a multiplayer shooter with good graphics, where you can fight together with friends or fight them. Of course, it uses augmented reality technology, where you are faced with a robot.

With them, you must fight, gather resources, and prepare for real combat training. In your city, you have to graduate a lot to succeed.

In Reality Clash, there is a virtual battlefield. Here you have to immediately start your mind, think of battle strategies and react immediately to what is happening. Your friends will appear in the game as digital avatars – just like you for them.

You will be able to organize friendly competitions in Reality Clash, defend yourself from robots and kill as many of them as possible. Try to find the most powerful weapons on the map by navigating using Geolocation. You can even meet other players who are also passionate about the game.

5. Men in Black: Global Invasion


Another legendary story is Men in Black. You can be an agent in this game – as you imagine in your imagination. All canonical scenes, characters, and villains from other plans are included perfectly in the game, and you will be able to know everyone who is represented in the saga.

Real agents from Men in Black will explore every corner of the planet to capture all aliens, and further develop and enhance it.

In the game there are various galactic weapons, which will be revealed to you from time to time. You must open an entire arsenal to effectively combat criminals in every possible way.

Men in Black offers you to make a real light show, destroying alien traitors in a big battle. On a virtual map you can see where other creatures are and whether they harm you – be careful. Each of them can attack at any time.

6. AR Dunk : Augmented Reality Basketball Game


Sports games are not always real here and now. There isn’t always the equipment you need, or the opposing team isn’t there. In this case, you can enjoy games like AR Dunk.

This is a basketball simulator that lets you play wherever you are. Within the game itself, you will be able to choose the environment that best suits the game, and place items around you using your smartphone screen. Everything is made so that users get maximum comfort.

In fact, basketball in augmented reality is much safer than real games. You can also diversify your playing experience by practicing and mastering new skills on your smartphone.

AR Dunk was created so that people can enjoy the game, experience the same feelings as in the real world. You can also invite friends to play with you and make a complete team, who can also practice together.

7. Knightfall™ AR


Knightfall is one game that offers you to participate in hostilities. The most interesting thing is that the whole process will occur around you and in your home – because augmented reality only makes adjustments to your environment.

In the story of the game, you are in the Templar world, which protects their city from an enemy invasion. To repel attacks effectively, you must apply all your fighting skills and logic.

Because all actions occur around you, you can physically move around the battlefield, change your location and see everything from a different angle. You can also play together with your friends, fight against side by side enemies.

Knightfall is a historical battle with amazing graphics and effects. For example, during a battle, you can encounter fog, dust, or other natural phenomena. The main thing you need is a room that is bright enough with a flat surface for fighting.

8. Ghostbusters World


You may remember the cartoon from childhood – Ghostbusters. Movies, cartoons, soap operas and other content are based on this, including the making of games.

In Ghostbusters World you will become a ghost hunter, realizing his childhood dreams. Now you must find them in your world and city, capture and gather all possible entities. This game displays the classic characters of history, which you will soon recognize.

Since you originally worked alone, you can gather your own team of friends and fight in PVP battles with other ghosts. Games like that will catch not only you but also your friends.

In Ghostbusters World you are given all the tools and materials that help to overcome and destroy ghosts, freeing the real world from them.

You not only need to capture them but also to gather resources that can be useful for your work. Using the map, you will find all the creatures that exist in the real world – even while traveling.

9. Beer Pong AR


Beer Pong is a classic game for parties and having fun with friends. If you want to get drunk quickly or have fun, this game is the right choice for the company. If you’ve tried the game itself before, you know what chaos is happening in your home.

Sprayed beer, ping-pong balls everywhere, cheerful and screaming friends – agree that cleaning up the mess after a game like that is not the most fun thing in your life.

Beer Pong will definitely solve your cleaning problem. All you have to do is find the right surface for the game and run the application – then you can get started right away. The playground is scanned with your smartphone’s camera, and beer can be placed wherever you want.

Get your friends and start mastering the classic Beer Pong mode. If you are all professionals in the game, you will eventually be able to open other game modes and find where you will “store” your beer. If you don’t like it, you will at least drink beer!

10. Jurassic World Alive


Jurassic World is a topic for discussion and research for many people. You will be able to see dinosaurs yourself, using augmented reality technology in the Jurassic World Alive.

You are almost at the famous movie park, where prehistoric creatures roam around you unnoticed. You can now explore it by looking at it from all sides and as close as possible. Be careful, there are also fearsome strong descendants!

You can explore the world around you with maps. When you determine your geolocation, you will know where dinosaurs are hidden next to you – they might have been waiting round the corner.

You make your own collection of rare and prehistoric animals that you will not find in the real world. Jurassic World Alive also holds battles between players who use their dinosaurs for battle. Such participation will not only give you a unique gaming experience, but also an award for victory or participation.

11. SpecTrek Light


SpecTrek Light is an interactive game that invites you to become a real ghost hunter. Many creatures roam all over the world, and you don’t even know!

Now you can capture and identify them with your camera just by taking a walk or visiting another city. You can do it anytime, anywhere – the main thing is you can determine your location.

Your location is determined using your smartphone’s GPS, so you must provide application permissions. Then you can see on your camera where the ghost is.

SpecTrek Light counts down the time remaining to destroy ghosts. Camera mode also displays the distance of the ghost from you. SpecTrek Light is not a thriller or horror movie – it’s just entertainment.

12. AR Apple Shooter – AR Games


Hitting an apple on a man’s head is not an easy task. This also puts a person in danger, as well as providing additional risk and excitement for the shooter. Apple Shooter is a game where you have to become a shooter and aim accurately for fruit.

The game inserts your real-life weapon, as well as other world details – virtual. Apple Shooter is designed for accurate shooters and shooter lovers, who want to try augmented reality technology.

To start shooting, you must choose certain weapons and targets. People who hold the same apple on their head can not only be an innate character in the game.

You can choose your friend’s picture, your picture or celebrity picture. The main thing is to reach your target and not let the person bleed. You can update your bow and arrow every time you try all types.

13. AR Cat by Talking Baby


You can’t get a pet? Can’t you get pets or are allergic to wool? In this case, the AR Cat application will help you realize your dreams. This is a cat simulator game that will be your pet for a long time.

You don’t need to clean the tray, buy food at the supermarket at home, or explain to parents why you have pets – after all, it will be on your smartphone.

AR Cat lets you play with cats anywhere – in the office, in the office, in your private room, or anywhere. You can stroke and stroke it, play, and so on. In fact, you will have all the benefits of having a cat – in fact, you will not be able to feel it in real life.

At the same time, AR Cat places it right next to you – where you aim your smartphone’s camera. Don’t forget that you have to take care of your cat just like you have to take care of your real cat – feed, caress, care. Collect rare toys for your cat and entertain by all means.

14. AR Warriors: Weapon camera & Augmented Shooter


How often do you hear someone jumping into the game with their heads? Now you can feel it for yourself by installing AR Warriors. Here you get a classic shooter, which takes place in the real world around you.

Really, don’t be confused and don’t start shooting in the real world! In AR Warriors, enemies can wait for you in every corner, hiding behind a refrigerator or wall.

AR Warriors allows you to manage team games, working with your friends on the network. But you can also play alone: just select the most appropriate game mode and you can get started.

All weapons are optional, for that you need to print barcodes. They allow the game to determine your position, target, and other items.

You can also buy separate special weapons for AR Warriors, but you might not find them in stores. There are no complicated outfits like in the laser tag: everything fits on your smartphone.

15. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR


Do you like shooters and often play games about the apocalypse? Modern culture contains countless stories, films and series about zombies, and computer games that can be found.

Zombie Gunship Revenant will immerse you and your smartphone in the reality of zombies where you can destroy them. You can watch everything with a special vision device that goes into UV detection mode.

The best way to play Zombie Gunship Revenant in a bright location so the application can see everything in space. You can also play together with friends on several devices at the same time, making your meeting truly enjoyable.

Zombie Gunship Revenant offers weapons with various levels of damage, as well as missiles, sniper rifles, and more. Can you collect the entire arsenal? Find out which weapon is the most effective against zombies and start the battle.

16. Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!


Draconius GO is another game that involves unusual creatures from augmented reality. In this game, you can find vampires, Pegasus, Unicorns and other different creatures that you can only read in previous books.

Draconius GO offers you to name them and make them your allies by increasing your skills and pumping creatures from the collection. In total, you can find around 200 different representatives.

Each creature can be upgraded so that his skills will only get better. To pass missions in the game, you have to increase your character’s level. Draconius GO also offers you the chance to fight a duel with other players, compete in skills and compare each other’s collections.

All creatures in your collection can change their skills – but all you need is an effort to do it. By the way, you can meet enemies anywhere, in every corner you see.

17. Ghosts ‘n Guns – AR Shooter


Pixel graphics lovers can also find something interesting for themselves in augmented reality. Ghosts Gun n Guns is a game where you have to shoot different creatures that are around you.

The whole game is presented as a first-person shooting battle, which takes place on the screen of your smartphone. Of course, Ghosts Gun n Guns will work in any area and in any city – you can even play in your home or on the streets around it.

Ghosts Guns have many different creatures in their own guard, which you must destroy. Managed by all clicks on the screen and on these ghosts and accompanied by certain soundtracks.

If you are bored somewhere or don’t know what to do, you can easily immerse yourself in another reality with the help of a game. Pixel graphics also create your own atmosphere – as if you were in a console game or an old pixel game.

18. Jenga® AR


Even in the company of friends, there are times when you don’t know what to do together. It’s not always possible to find board games – maybe you just don’t have them or don’t want to play them.

Jenga is a great solution for a fun night, especially if you can play games in augmented reality. In the application you make a tower in your room, where you will continue the game – prove to everyone that you are the most accurate.

The tower block is captured with your mobile or tablet. You push or pull it yourself, so it moves the tower unit in a certain way. Jenga needs 2 to 5 participants at a time, each of which can destroy an entire tower in a few seconds.

There are also several modes in the game that you can try. This is a challenge where you play for a while, play with your friends, and change locations. All falls and movements in Jenga are visualized perfectly according to physics.

19. Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges


Star Wars fans will be found anywhere on the planet. The amazing saga has long been a favorite among fans and people of all ages. Now you can try yourself as a Jedi, master the skills in the Star Wars game.

To start the game, you must use a lightweight tracker (such as a sword) and a Lenovo Mirage AR headset. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in augmented reality.

You must visit various plans, where your assignments and goals will be set. All scenes are made with characters from various Star Wars films, so you can get to know all your favorite characters.

Your light sword skills should only grow, and you will become a real Jedi. Learn how to block your opponent’s punches, dodge and attack, so you can show your best in battles against droids or stormtroopers. Star Wars has several levels of difficulty, each of which you must go through to improve your skills.

20. GhostBlast AR


Ghosts and other creatures – the eternal theme of the game with augmented reality. Everybody imagines at least once that in the real world we are not only us – there is also something that is not visible to the eye.

GhostBlast is a ghost simulator that will attack you from all sides. Your smartphone camera is a device with which you can detect everything. Especially children will love the game because the graphics in it are more like a cartoon than something realistic.

To fully customize the game, you must first give permission to use the camera. In addition, you need to tilt or move the device slightly so that ghosts appear on the screen.

In GhostBlast there are 20 different complexity levels, where you will find ghosts and shoot them. There is no limit to the number of bullets, but you must think of a strategy to destroy them all. You can also play with the front camera, watching ghosts around you.

21. Ingress Prime


The Ingress Prime game makes you a special agent, and you can feel like a true professional. The game world is a struggle between two factions which is divided into one important discovery. This is an esoteric ingredient that benefits the owner. You must choose the side that you will fight and play.

An ordinary person can be controlled by capturing the thoughts of one faction. You must defend them or try to conquer them – depending on which side of the fight you choose.

For all actions, you must collect this special material, which is the most valuable resource in the game. Ingress Prime gives you a special scanner (your smartphone), which helps find the location of material.

Explore the world around you, because you can find something valuable and interesting anywhere. The developers put a limit on the age of the player – at least 13 years.

It should not be said that all such games are very energy-consuming for your smartphone battery. But you can enjoy the game, which will be integrated into the real world, and characters and objects will be around you.

You have to agree that it’s far more interesting to play when you create a feeling of immersion in the game world. But it must be recognized that applications that work with VR glasses, helmets, and full virtual reality can look more interesting and spectacular.

We hope that our chosen game with augmented reality has helped you, and now you will enjoy the process almost in the real world.

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