16 Best Free Chess Game Apps For iOS & Android

16 Best Free Chess Game Apps For iOS & Android

Chess is one of the most popular games in the world. Originating in India around one and a half thousand years ago, it is still one of the most beautiful and sophisticated games ever discovered. No wonder it’s digital!

Now there are many different applications for playing chess both with real opponents and with AL (Artificial Intelligence) opponents. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, an amateur player or a professional. This application will help you hone your playing skills and have fun with your favorite games.

1. Chess – Play & Learn


Chess Play & Learn was designed by, which is the most popular site for chess players. It is used by more than 5 million people worldwide and there are many reasons why. has everything a person can think of to improve their game skills and practice them. There are more than 50 thousand puzzles, hundreds of tutorials and interactive videos to learn.

What’s more, you can really play chess with real opponents or Al. It is possible to choose from a number of different modes, such as a fast or long game, which means you might think about your next steps throughout the day or limit this time to only a few minutes.

This application has a beautiful design and different themes to choose from. Also, there are interesting sound effects that make this game even more interesting. The user friendly interface allows finding all the many functions quickly and easily.

Playing Chess & Learning is definitely one of the best applications for playing chess. It not only gives users the opportunity to play chess, but also helps learn how to play it with many additional useful features. This application is free, but there are some in-app purchases, even though they don’t pay attention to all the important things. Get it now and start your way to become a grandmaster!

2. Chess with Friends


Chess with friends is to play classic chess with friends or just random people. It also has a training mode, where it is possible to choose your level and compete with robots. However, the main function of this application is playing chess in real-time, so there are different additional features that contribute to a better battle experience.

First and foremost, there is chatter in the application that helps encourage your opponent, give some guidance or, conversely, boast about your success steps. Then there is the grading system, which gives motivation to play chess more often and be the best among your friends! It is also possible to add friends who are connected to your Facebook account.

Overall, this application provides all the features needed to play chess with friends in a fun and entertaining way. Another great detail is the opportunity to play several games simultaneously. Download the app and start playing your first chess game right now!

3. Chess Free


This one is considered the best chess application for Android. Free Chess is best suited for local use – you can’t play online with this application, but it is possible to play with your friends who give each other smartphones.

If you prefer to remain disconnected from time to time, this application is your best choice. It has a powerful game engine that can bite even the strongest players. You can choose from 12 different levels and modes, such as the number of instructions available. Another interesting feature is the special hint, which shows what number is better to choose for your next step, but not how to move it.

Free Chess provides a great experience playing chess with AL. Although it’s free, there are almost no annoying advertisements. The design is quite simple. There are 8 chess boards and several sets of chess pieces to choose from. If you feel it’s better to practice with a computer before entering into a real battle, download this application and start gaining experience now!

4. Analyze This Chess


Chess Analysis is not for playing chess – it’s for analyzing chess games. You can do this by downloading the PGN file from a game into the application. Most other chess applications allow us to save games in PGN format, so there will be no problem with getting such files. This analysis is able to show all the best moves at every step of the game.

He has at least two chess engines that can produce the best strategy. Files created in the application can be sent via email or to various types of social networks. Simple interface used. A user can choose the color of the chessboard and the picture.

An application is a great tool that helps improve your playing skills by looking closely at previous games. This will be very useful for those who play chess professionally, but anyone who is curious might use it also to become better at playing chess.

This application is free, but there are some ads that can be removed by purchasing the paid version. Get it now and start analyzing your mistakes! This is important because mistakes are something we learn the most!

5. Online chess free Chess Heroz


Enough with the help application. Let’s get back to the most interesting part again – playing against real opponents! Chess Online Chess Heroz free is designed exactly for that. However, it has an offline mode if you need to practice. Instructions also exist for you to use if you need them.

Chess Heroz allows playing chess with friends or random people from all over the world. To enter and play, you only need to choose a nickname or enter your Facebook or Twitter name.

The most extraordinary feature of this application, which makes it special is the opportunity to watch how others play. This is very useful, especially when battles occur between grandmasters! The online experience is one of the fastest, so there will be no bugs. Download this application now and enjoy playing chess online!

6. Chess Live


Chess Live is another chess application for Android devices. This is quite simple compared to the application above, however, simplicity can also be an advantage.

This application has all modes that make it possible to play – you can compete with friends, Al, or random users of the application. The chess engine is one of the most sophisticated, so the playing experience promises to be quite riveting.

There are 5 difficulty levels, so you can choose the most suitable. This application has a beautiful design and impressive sound effects. There are no extras other than playing, so if you are interested in a simple application without confusing details, get this one! It’s one hundred percent free.

7. Real Chess


Real Chess is another application for Android. It has beautiful 3D graphics, which is the main reason why this is on our list. Real Chess is an online game. This is used by more than one million people, so there are quite a number of potential opponents.

When playing you can chat, so the game becomes more interactive and fun. No registration is required, so just download the application and start playing! Apart from playing online, there is also an amazing training mode with 2400 levels. When you play with Al, you can use hints to help you in difficult situations.

As we have already mentioned, application design is one of the biggest. You can change the theme if you like and enjoy playing chess with nice graphics! If you prefer 2D boards, you can easily turn off 3D mode. Get this beautiful application now and have fun playing chess!

8. Play Magnus Chess


Magnus Carlsen is the current World Chess Champion. He has won all three types of chess championships and is famous for his special style of play. Try beating Magnus on Play Magnus Chess – application with a special chess engine.

In addition to playing chess, this application includes a training mode, which can challenge you with problems approved by Magnus. You can also learn some interesting facts about the World Chess Champion and find out all the latest chess news.

The application design is very atmospheric – creating the impression of a real interaction with Magnus Carlsen. Play Magnus absolutely for free. You can get it now and start your training with the greatest grandmaster in the world!

9. iChess – Chess puzzles


iChess is an application that doesn’t consist of an actual game mode, so you can’t play with real opponents or AL. iChess is something different – it’s for solving chess puzzles. It’s quite convenient if you don’t want to waste your time throughout the game – you can solve some chess problems, which, by the way, are taken from real competition.

This application provides users with 3 levels – normal, advanced and master. No internet connection is needed, so you can enjoy solving puzzles even outside the WiFi zone. This application is also a tool for analyzing games – you can upload PGN files and solve your own puzzles. Instructions are provided too.

iChess is a free application, but you have to pay to get access to the latest puzzles from the latest chess championship. This is, of course, a free feature, so download this application now and start using your free time smartly!

10. lichess


Lichess has the whole package! You can play online or with AL, analyze games and solve puzzles, choose various types of games similar to chess and more. What’s amazing is this application is completely free and without ads. Now it has more than 150 thousand users, but there are new ones every day (who knows, maybe you are the next one!).

Lichess focuses mostly on online mode and introduces many cool features that are connected to it. Has got a rating system, statistics, tournament. Apart from that, you can play not only classical chess with their standards, but also antiques, crazy houses, racing kings, and so on. Download lichess and find out more about the different games with chess!

11. Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)


Chess Tactics Pro is another application for solving puzzles. This is a very good time waster. Make sure you have one of these applications and you will never be bored. This application has several levels of difficulty – from beginner to advanced. It also has an ELO system installed, according to the puzzle chosen for you individually. Your progress is also considered.

There is no way you can run out of puzzles, because new puzzles appear every day. There is a stable offline package. The design is practical, without confusing buttons. You can download this application for free and enjoy solving chess problems right now!

12. Esfera Chess


While War of Chess is only for Android devices, this luxury application is only for iOS. Esfera is not actually a chess application, but it is inspired by chess. To win someone must trap the opposing king or take his castle.

There are two modes – you can play with AL or with friends on one device. The design is interesting. There are various modern movements that you can use during the game. Chess fans love this new strategy! If you want something more futuristic, this is for you!

13. Chess for Kids – ChessKid Play & Learn


This application is specifically designed for children. It is completely safe and contains no advertisements, so parents or trainers don’t have to worry about children’s safety. This, just like the first application on our list, was designed by, which is a sign of quality.

Chess for Kids includes all the features needed to play and learn chess. Children can play with Al or challenge each other online. There are slow and fast games. In the slow, it is possible to think of the next step throughout the day! More than 1000 puzzles available to warm up. And, of course, tutorials and videos to learn can also be used to improve children’s understanding of games.

The design is oriented towards young players. Simple and fun – kids will love it! If you are a responsible parent who wants to teach children to play chess, then this is your best choice! This application is also used by chess clubs for children. And even if you are an adult and love the way Chess looks for Children, why not try it?

14. Chess Light


Something fresh and unusual to see chess under a new perspective. This game will be cool for professionals and beginners. When you first play the game, you can choose the level of difficulty and learn how to master this game.

Chess Light is a unique puzzle solving game using chess movements as the answer. It has a cool and minimalistic user interface that doesn’t interfere with the main activity – playing chess. Before starting the game, you will also get instructions on how the application works.

There are not many other functions but this is a good chess application. This is useful for use on your cellphone for cases, when, for example, you need to make time go by faster and only return to it at that time. Apart from that, this is a lightweight application, so it won’t cause discomfort.

15. Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf


And lastly we have a very strange application with an unusual name. Well, you can guess with that, that here you have a mentor who will teach you how to play chess and become your partner together. To make a chess application like this is actually a very interesting decision and, what’s more, it really gives a feeling like you’re playing with someone.

Considering the user interface, this application is quite standard. Do not expect extraordinary features, even the whole idea is not public. All you can do here is play chess and learn to play. That can actually be very helpful for those who only learn to play chess and who learn better if someone explains to them the rules.

As you begin to learn, you will see all the right tactics and profitable movements on the board. Then, you will start practicing. The first 3 rounds of Dr. Wolf will play with you for free. Unfortunately, to fully unlock the game, you must pay a monthly subscription.

16. Follow Chess


If you are someone who wants to have a multi-function chess game application, then this is the choice for you. The main feature that distinguishes this application from the others is the fact that you can watch chess games played by others or play alone, and you can do it simultaneously.

There are features like Watchlist where you can see all upcoming games and join the time when they occur. In this case, you will get a notification every time a new round starts or when the score is updated. If you want to launch the analysis board then you can just tap on the board.

This application will be great for beginners and pros. Beginners can learn how to play by watching more experienced and pro players find new tactics and techniques.

And, maybe, just watching the game out of curiosity. The interface itself is quite simple, as is the game, so it’s better to have this application to watch and practice and other chess with a more advanced interface.

So these are some of the best chess game applications. With their help, you can improve your playing skills, wherever you are.

Once upon a time we live! If there is a chess application that deserves attention and is not on the list, please share with us. We wish you a more interesting and challenging game. Check your opponents more often and be smart in choosing apps!

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