15 Free Apps Without Ads 2020 Android & iOS

15 Free Apps Without Ads 2020 Android & iOS

Advertising annoys everyone, especially aggressive in the form of pop-up windows with banners. This interferes with normal work with the application. Almost all applications on the Google Play Store contain advertisements, except for paid programs. However, we have found the best FREE app without ads for you!



The official NASA space agency app has been available for mobile devices running iOS and Android for several years. It features a large database of images and videos that are constantly updated from space, various news, reports on missile launches, as well as broadcast high-resolution images in real time from the International Space Station.

The NASA application has online radio and the ability to track the location of the International Space Station above the earth’s surface. There is also information on all the agency’s current missions and more. It is ad-free.

2. Vertigo Racing


Vertigo Racing is a crazy racing game, made for devices with the Android and iOS platforms. This game is made by Deep Byte Studios SRL. The developer has prepared a lot of tracks which are extraordinarily complicated for the user. In addition, you can choose a cool vehicle.

Users will not see shallow boring locations. The developers have prepared a high mountain snake for you. It is necessary to be very attentive because one wrong step can have irreparable consequences. The car just fell off a cliff. Also be prepared for the fact that gasoline is depleting too quickly. There are special check points for getting more fuel.

In total, the game offers ten incredibly beautiful trails. As for the number of cars, there were about ten, and all of them were the coolest. You have to go through all the lanes in each car, but the distances for different vehicles will vary.

This is needed not only to overcome certain obstacles but also to get points for jumping or hovering. Traces can have very unusual shapes. For example, many of them have very sharp turns or are located in high mountains. When you cross the finish line, you get a cash prize that is worth your effort. Get gold coins, use to open new locations, vehicles. In addition, coins can be used to improve the characteristics of existing vehicles. You can download Vertigo Racing for Android or iPhone gadgets for free.

3. Ancient Planet Tower Defense


Ancient Planet Tower Defense is an excellent strategy game. Users will enjoy a very complex collection of levels, but very interesting. There is also an extensive improvement system and high-quality graphic design. This app is completely free, but there is also paid content. Ignore it if you don’t want to invest real money.

Pay attention to the existence of world rankings and try to fight for leadership positions with other players. In total, there are thirty-five levels in the game. So, users have to help ancient civilizations. It was heavily attacked by foreign invaders, and you must repel this attack. Use a special tower for this.

Management is comfortable. This is not surprising as it is adapted for touch screens. For the menu, it’s quite comfortable. To buy different towers and keep improving them, you’ll need gold. Thanks to special mines, you can get the necessary gold. Try to think about your actions, arrange the towers properly to beat the opponent. Download Ancient Planet TD for your mobile now!

4. Build A Truck


Which car can handle bad weather conditions, overcome all obstacles, and jump over the ravines that separate from the other side of the road? Built with own hands! Build your own car in Build A Truck – Duck Duck Moose and start the journey!

The Build A Truck – Duck Duck Moose app will offer its players three different levels to go through any route. First, factory production – choice of body, label and color, selection of wheels of different sizes, choice of engine and exhaust pipe, allowing you to get a certain speed. As a complement, make up your own name and add some accessories. Second, this is a garage – a place where it is permissible to inspect a car that has been made, choose what is needed for the upcoming race. Third, participation in competitions – jumping over ravines, ravines and trying to get to the finish line. The gold coins received will be useful in making unique cars! Immediately download Build A Truck – Duck Duck Moose on your cellphone and create your own collection!

5. lichess


Lichess: Free Online Chess is a great way for all chess fans to try their game against real people. Daily tournaments and offline training await you here. This game is completely free, does not contain any advertisements and, what’s more, has open source code.

You will have the possibility to play with one of 150,000 users of this game. Communicate with your opponents in chat. Use the computer analysis function of the game being played.

You can play not only online but also in offline mode. Compete with artificial intelligence or with one of your friends. This app can offer you a break from classic chess and play familiar games with other rules. Do you know what Crazyhouse, Chess960, Threecheck or Antichess are? Study together with Lichess: Free Online Chess.

The game supports more than 80 languages and has a built-in board editor.

6. Six Wheels and a Gun


The unique application system allows players to immerse themselves in crazy battles in multiplayer mode without registering and entering! Your six-wheeled hybrid tank-buggy can ride on any surface and hit the slopes. You will enjoy its management! The developers have worked hard, the high accuracy of physical modeling in the game is practically unmatched! Win and earn titles and achievements.

Six Wheels and a Gun game features:

  • Exciting tank battles right on your tablet or smartphone!
  • Multiplayer mode to play with other players online!
  • To enter the game, you don’t need to register and keep logging in! Free access to the game!
  • Comfortable control with the help of a special joystick on the touch screen!
  • Amazing game physics!

7. WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp has become the most popular messenger for smartphones. It immediately gained worldwide popularity immediately after launching the project into the network.

The main reason for using WhatsApp Messenger is clear – to save money on texting and get the opportunity to communicate for free. And then, the functionality of the application has grown significantly. Special features are available for users and developers to create new designs and comfortable interfaces.

To connect to the WhatsApp network and send messages, the user is required to be connected to the Internet, other operations will be carried out automatically by the program. For example, add all address book users to a contact list.

Apart from text communication, users can access group chats and have the ability to exchange media files – funny videos, photos, and even voice notes can be sent to friends at any time. Other functions of the application will be familiar to users – a push notification system, exchange of contacts, personal wallpapers and photos, choice of melodies. Download WhatsApp on your mobile now – rebuild communication with your friends in a new way!

8. WeChat


The Chinese company Tencent created a mobile communication service for text and voice calls in late 2011 – users immediately joined the universal communication platform, and later, the novelty was called WeChat and became popular far beyond the Asian public. Currently the program supports the ability to send text and voice messages, send photos and videos, and also exchange contacts. The service also integrates with many well-known social networks and helps you make friends.

The WeChat app is quite popular worldwide thanks to its user-friendly management, bright design and built-in social features – high-quality calls, a set of multi-functional emoticons and stickers, group chat rooms for up to a hundred users, a private photo stream and a search function for casual acquaintances. There is also a set of the simplest games – you can compete with friends in the interval between communication and sharing high scores.

In addition, you can use the “Radar” function and make new friends nearby. Don’t forget about the data swap function about your current location. Thanks to precise geolocation settings, a friend can easily know where you are waiting for him. The application works in two dozen languages, automatically translating text from unknown languages. You are waiting for fantastic wallpapers, beautiful notifications, and many other possibilities. Downloading WeChat is the best way to organize online conversations and make new friends!

9. Messenger


Facebook Messenger is a multi-functional service for sending messages, photos and videos, an ideal source of savings and easy communication with friends and family for free. This service does not only connect users of the Facebook social network. You can send messages to friends from the phonebook or just enter a phone number! The purpose of this app is to expand social opportunities for people from all over the world, save traffic and start a unique communication service!

The Facebook Messenger app is not for boring chats. Here, you will send stickers and emoticons, photo and video recordings, put pictures in your contacts and sort the gallery right during communication! Do you dream of sharing your impressions, but also saving Internet traffic? Then this is the perfect choice!

Simplify communication with the ability to forward messages, search by user and group, geolocation, home screen widget for quick chat, notification system and the ability to know when a user reads a message.

Downloading Facebook Messenger is recommended for all fans of instant communication over the Internet – communicate, exchange news, pictures, videos, create group chats and send messages to the entire group with one click!


10. Alchemy Classic


Alchemy Puzzle is a multi-platform hit. The game comes in many forms, but the game rules remain unchanged. In the Alchemy Classic application, we are invited to discover new elements and make things different from them.

Gameplay. You have to find the elements necessary for the discovery and creation of new things. Initially, you are given a card with elements, objects, etc. Mix it, and combine it, you will open up new things that might not be known. So, for example, connecting a squirrel with a wheel, you get a squirrel running inside the wheel. By connecting a compass to a sheet of paper, you get a geographic map, joining the trees, fire, bush and sulfur you will open a match.

This game has a lot of source material to work with. Try! Create the ultimate online experiment! Create new mammal species, and explore previously known ones. Remember that it’s always better to be a creator than a destroyer!

The game has good graphics with a well-designed interface. We can recommend this game to fans of puzzles and slow bait. Downloading the exciting puzzle game Alchemy Classic on your phone or tablet, you immerse yourself in the unusual world of cognition, the true nature of all things and things.

11. BeFunky


BeFunky is an excellent graphics editor for Android and iOS devices. This app lets you turn the most ordinary photo into a work of art with just a few clicks. With it, you can apply various filters, change the brightness, contrast and other parameters of the image, crop, change it and so on. Apart from that, you can add all kinds of frames to your pictures. Interestingly, some of them were created by casual users, because the application has an active community, which continues to help developers. An interesting feature of BeFunky Photo Editor is the possibility of adding a description made with cute fonts and all kinds of stickers.

This program supports instant publication of ready-to-use images on the social networks Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr. To do this, you need to first link your profile from the social group mentioned above to the program. This procedure takes no more than a few minutes. From the images received, you can also create a BeFunky gallery. The application interface is made in a minimalist style. This program is completely free and at the same time, the advertising module is not included.

12. KidloLand: Kids Nursery Rhymes


Expect your child to an exciting KidloLand game. This app is one of the best in its category. It is used by more than one million happy families around the world. Hundreds of funny poems, funny songs, funny videos, and stories will allow children to interact with characters on the screen as if they were playing together.

Learning the alphabet has never been easier, sing along and remember. Listening to original children’s songs, children have the opportunity to learn many new things: words, numbers, fruits, cars. Children encounter unusual animals and birds, get acquainted with the shapes of objects and their various colors, learn about the months of the year, the days of the week and much more.

This app doesn’t require a connection to Wi-Fi, so this game is an ideal pastime, not only for home lessons but for road trips, long-haul flights. Applications created successfully for Android, iPhone and iPad. Beautiful musical accompaniment, a colorful and bright design is sure to suit children’s tastes!


13. DU Recorder


DU Recorder is a free application for recording video from the screen of a mobile device, as well as editing it. This is an easy-to-use yet powerful program with which you can record everything that happens on the screen of your smartphone or tablet in high quality.

Using the app, you can record parallel videos on the front camera, to add your reactions to the main video. You can set the recording to pause at any time. And by selecting the “Brush” function, you can draw directly on the screen on top of the video. To stop recording quickly, shake the device. You can choose where the files are saved: to your device’s internal memory or to an external storage device.

When the video is ready, you can edit it directly in DU Recorder. You can also take screenshots during recording and during video editing. The resulting image can also be edited directly in the application.

The results of your work can be seen, saved to the device or directly published to social networks. And the DU Recorder program allows you to broadcast live on Facebook.

14. Piktures


Bored with the default gallery on your favorite smartphone or tablet? No problem, Google Play offers many alternative solutions, one of which is Piktures. This application not only supports comfortable navigation using gestures but also has a special display mode, which is based on the calendar. You can download Piktures on Android for free.


  • You can share photos via Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp
  • Resize photos before sending (VGA, HD, Full-size)
  • Ability to set images as wallpaper
  • Fun interface
  • High quality full screen display
  • Playing Videos
  • Calendar Mode
  • Filtering
  • Without advertising
  • Hide albums

15. 2048


2048 (Ad Free) – Gabriel Cirulis’ ported version of the game 2048 for Android.

This is an addictive puzzle game that can keep you in the game for a long time. This is not only a way to pass a free minute, but also a brain-moving activity. This application has a simple and intuitive interface. Managing cells is very simple – just swipe to move the tiles in the direction you want. Remember that all cells will move from this, and therefore the best tactic is to think through the steps in advance. And remember that there is no tip!

Games on this base have long been a special part of this genre. In this version, unlike almost all other free analogues, there are no ads at all.

All the buttons in the game are covered with a layer of silk graphics that look good, all movements are animated very smoothly. The last step can be undone. You can continue playing when you reach 2048. This application is well optimized for mobile devices.

The game doesn’t have any special functions, but it has everything you need. 2048 (Ad Free) is ideal for beginners, as it has a classic set of features and does not interfere with advertising. If you’re looking for one game of this genre to always have on your device just in case, this is the version for you.

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