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Why WiX?
Custom On-Site Training

All of our trainings can be tailored for custom on-site training.

We have tailored some private on-site training programs for  corporations, delivering exceptional insight on Windows Installer related technologies.   

Our custom training services include:

  • Professional Materials - We provide training materials that meet your needs. Our customized course materials are an invaluable reference delivering ongoing value.
  • Experienced Consultants - InstallWorld consultants provide the necessary subject matter expertise.

Custom training opportunities give your organization an added advantage, helping new staff quickly fit into your setup engineering and build operations. Custom training programs are designed to meet your educational and training goals, each led by the subject-matter experts best qualified to help you reach your objectives.

Businesses, and public organizations rely on InstallWorld to keep their staff highly effective and aware. Our popular training sessions ensure clients stay at the cutting edge at all times.

Choosing custom training from InstallWorld means you:

  • Professionally train staff dealing with setup development
  • Cut travel time and expense
  • Organize training to align with your schedule
  • Ensure topics meet staff needs and organizational training goals
  • Discuss sensitive or proprietary issues in confidence
  • Integrate your own presentations among our topics
  • Have organization-specific issues addressed by InstallWorld consultants