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Application Repackaging

Preparing applications to be installed across an enterprise can be tricky, depending on the size and complexity of the organization. InstallWorld Professional Services can make this process easier, regardless of what packaging products your organization choose to use.

Application packaging based on Windows Installer standard (MSI) provides a quick return on investment (ROI) if properly done. High level benefits of implementing MSI based application packages in your organization are the following:

  • More reliable and stable applications on user desktops
  • Less number of help desk support incidents
  • Decrease in desktop total cost of ownership (TCO)

If your organization has plans to do company-wide application migration as part of a major Windows Operating System migration project, InstallWorld can prepare your application packages for deployment by using our own facilities or on your site if preferred.

Most companies which are involved with application migration process, typically hire short-term contractors who does not have the MSI packaging expertise or the business experience. Even though this may seem like a quick and convenient solution for organizations, in the long run, due to unforeseen problems in repackaged applications, this approach results in major problems on user desktops causing down-time.

MSI packaging without clear application packaging standards and processes can easily lead to major problems such as software application conflicts (i.e. DLL Hell). Good MSI packaging starts by defining company wide MSI packaging standards and processes. Companies that are getting ready to do application packaging often underestimate the planning and preparation that needs to be done before the actual packaging process can occur.

InstallWorld can help you define your MSI packaging standards and processes based on enterprise software packaging best practices. InstallWorld consultants are highly skilled MSI packaging experts who have experience developing complex MSI based setups, writing special applications using Microsoft Windows Installer technologies, consulting to Fortune 500 companies.

Preparing applications for Windows Installer Service without good MSI packaging standards and procedures does NOT necessarily mean lower desktop TCO. In-house application developers and software packaging and distribution team must work together to achieve better results.

InstallWorld has the technical know-how and the business experience to team up with you to provide best practices consulting with the right packaging tools for your unique business needs.

InstallWorld helped our clients and can help your organization:

  • Define MSI packaging standards (i.e. configuring the packaging tool for optimum performance, creating MSI/MST templates, customizing exclusion lists, setting up a standard operating environment for packaging)
  • Develop the most efficient MSI packaging process for your organization
  • Package non-MSI setups into MSI, testing and validation
  • Manage Application conflicts
  • Customize MSI based application packages based on your organizational requirements
  • Implement MSI packaging project management with metrics
  • Deliver a custom training for your team