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Why WiX?
Installation Engineering

Installation EngineeringAs a software vendor, your company can take advantage of Windows Installer features and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your application for your company and your clients.

A software application packaged in MSI format provides the following benefits over non-MSI setups:

  • Consistent and reliable version rules
  • System-wide management of shared resources
  • Self-healing and repair
  • Restoring the pre-installation state of a computer (i.e. rollback)
  • A standardized command-line interface
  • A standard way of customizing applications
  • On-demand installation

InstallWorld setup engineers can convert your legacy installations to the MSI standard to take advantage of the Windows Installer features. Our setup engineers can review your current installation and build a professional setup based on Windows Installer format (MSI).

InstallWorld can also engage with you on the phone to provide online support by answering your questions while you make the necessary updates to your own home-grown setup.