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Why WiX?

What does ICE42 check?

ICE42 validates that InProc servers are not linked to EXE files in the Class table. EXE files cannot be InProc servers.

ICE42 also validates that only LocalServer and LocalServer32 classes have arguments and DefInProc values.

When does ICE42 show up?

ICE42 posts an error if there are InProc servers linked to EXE files in the Class table.

How can I fix ICE42?

  • If CLSID specified in the Class table is an InProc server, but the implementing component has an EXE as its key path, change the key path file.
  • If Context column of the Class table for a CLSID record is set to 'InProcServer32' and the record has an argument under Argument column, remove the argument. Only LocalServer contexts can have arguments.
  • If CLSID in context 'InProcServer32' species a default InProc value, remove the DeflnProc value or change the context of the class. Only LocalServer contexts can have default InProc values.