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Why WiX?

What does ICE49 check?

ICE49 checks for default registry entries that are not a REG_SZ type.

When does ICE49 show up?

ICE49 posts an error if there is a default registry entry that is not a REG_SZ type.

On Windows 95 computers, default registry entries (those with no name) can only be REG_SZ values. On Windows 98 and Windows NT/Windows 2000 systems, default values can be of any type. Components with non-REG_SZ default values are valid, as long as they are never installed on a Win95 computer. If they are, an error is generated at install time.

How can I fix ICE49?

To fix this error, make installation of the component conditional upon the target not being a Windows 95 computer, or change the value to type REG_SZ.