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Why WiX?

What does ICE86 check?

ICE86 issues a warning if the package uses the AdminUser property in database column of the Condition type. Package authors should use the Privileged property in conditional statements.

Note: The installer sets the AdminUser property on Windows NT/Windows 2000 if the user has administrator privileges. This property is always set on Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Note: The Privileged property indicates whether the installation is performed in the context of elevated privileges. The installer sets this property if the user has administrator privileges, if the application has been assigned by a system administrator, or if both the user and machine policies AlwaysInstallElevated are set to true.

When does ICE86 show up?

ICE86 posts a warning if AdminUser property was used in a Condition field.

How can I fix ICE86?

To fix this warning, replace AdminUser property with Priviliged property.

Note: The installer only sets the AdminUser property if the user is an administrator. The installer sets the Privileged property if the user is an administrator or if policy enables the user to install with elevated privileges.